NOTE: Until Valve comes up with a nice, atomic way for fans to distribute mutations, you'll have to disable this mutation if you want to play the new bi-weekly mutation.

This was a simple mutation created to prove the workflow for Left 4 Dead 2 mutations. Originally consisting of only "Grenade-Fest," I've renamed the mutation pack to "ShackMutations" due to most of the changes and requests coming from the community over at ShackNews. The name change will take effect starting with v12.

I took the existing code for "Gib Fest," replaced the M60 with a grenade launcher, and had at it.

It seems to work quite nicely, although it is a bit overpowered and nearly impossible to play on Normal or above.

Per the request of Shacker NastyNorman, I also combined "Gib Fest" with "TAAAAAAANK!" to create "Tank-60." Per the request of Shacker ant_hillbilly, "Tank-60 Realism" was added in as well.

Installation Instructions

To install the mod, unzip it and drop grenadefest.vpk in your Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\addons folder.

To uninstall the mod, delete grenadefest.vpk from your addons folder.

To Use

In these instructions, replace [name of map] with the filename of the map you want to start.

To launch Grenade Fest single player, enable the developer console, hit your tilde (~) key and type:

map [name of map] grenadefest

To launch Tank-60, run the following command from the server console:

map [name of map] tank60

To launch Tank-60 Realism, run the following command from the server console:

map [name of map] tank60realism

NOTE: All players must have the mod installed at the moment. Currently working on implementing several pieces of feedback from the ShackNews community.


Download Now (3,473 bytes) (v15, 12/22/2010 11:27pm CST)

Please don't hotlink the file. Please link to this page if you want people to know about this mod.